Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find my model number?

    Your model number can be found on the retail box label, parts list or your receipt with the SKU# or UPC# associated with the model.

  • How long should I expect my canopy to last?

    Our canopies are designed and manufactured to provide you with long-lasting, trouble-free use. There are several variables that will affect the amount of time our canopies will last, including how often you use it, the conditions (weather), how well the canopy is maintained, and how it’s stored. While under proper care, a YOLI canopy will last much longer; we back each of our canopies with a 1 year limited warranty. Please reference the 1 year limited warranty that came with your canopy for details.

  • Can the canopy tops be washed?

    Yes. The canopy top can be hand cleaned with a mild soap and water. Do not use detergents, bleach or abrasives. Never machine wash. Always let the canopy top dry completely before closing and storing to avoid mildew.

  • Can I purchase replacement parts for my canopy?

    Yes. We offer replacement parts for all the canopies we manufacture. All our canopies are designed so parts can easily be removed and replaced. Please reference the parts list that came with your canopy for more information.

  • What is the order processing and shipping time for parts?

    Parts orders placed Monday through Friday will ship in 2-5 business days. Please account for shipping time from Atlanta, GA to cities on the West Coast.

  • What tools do I need to replace a part?

    To replace a part, you’ll need a standard Allen key - we sent you one with your canopy!

  • Are YOLI canopy parts compatible with other Manufacturer or Branded Instant Canopies?

    YOLI canopy parts are NOT compatible with any other instant shelter manufacturer on the market.

  • I think I see tiny pinholes through the canopy top. Do I need to replace my top?

    In most cases, these are not holes. The dying process of the top and the aluminum backing we apply to the underside can cause variations in color. This does not negatively impact the performance of your canopy top.

  • How do I secure my canopy to the ground?

    Each canopy comes with steel stakes to secure the foot of each leg of the frame to the ground. If you are setting up your canopy on a hard surface such as asphalt or a wood deck, we highly recommend purchasing a set of anchor bags.

  • How does my instant canopy stand up to wind?

    Our instant canopies are designed as temporary shelters, and are not designed to be used in high-wind environments. To prevent injury, DO NOT set up your canopy in windy conditions.

  • Are your canopy tops waterproof?

    Our canopy tops are water resistant, but not waterproof. In environments where prolonged exposure to rain/water occurs, the top may eventually become saturated and water can leak through.

  • Can I add a protective coating to the canopy top to make it waterproof?

    YOLI does not recommend any additives or coatings to be applied to the canopy top for waterproofing. Attempting to waterproof the material voids the warranty.

  • How do your canopies stand up to snow?

    Our instant canopies are designed as temporary shelters, and are not designed as permanent structures. We do not recommend setting up your canopy in snowy conditions.