8 Secrets Every Outdoor Party Host Should Know

8 Secrets Every Outdoor Party Host Should Know


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Try these tricks for a well-planned (and super fun) backyard bash.


1. Beat bugs to the punch.

We spotted this cute (and genius!) idea on Mom 4 Real: Keep insects out of drinks by topping glasses with patterned cupcake liners. Poke a hole through the center for a straw.


2. Reorganize your buffet.

“Place chips and salsa, veggies, and salads near the beginning, and end with more expensive food items, like meat and fruit,” says Brittany Egbert at One Charming Party. “This will help stretch your spread, as people tend to fill up their plates before they get to the end.”


3. Offer easy-to-grab utensils.

“Wrap cutlery in a napkin — and tie with a pretty ribbon if you’re feeling crafty,” says Seri Kertzner at Little Miss Party. “The bunches look polished, and are easy to hold with one hand as guests fill their plates at the buffet.”


4. Choose sturdy, but lightweight plates.

“I love trendy melamine dishes because they’re not breakable,” says Courtney Whitmore at Pizzazzerie. “They’re perfect for poolside gatherings and backyard parties with kids.”


5. Opt for chic but inexpensive centerpieces.

Candles are Kertzner’s go-to table décor. She loves placing votives and pillars inside inexpensive lanterns sold at IKEA.


6. Get ice ready days before.

Instead of lugging bags of ice home from the grocery store, plan ahead. “A few days before a party, I start filling up large zip-top bags with ice from my freezer’s ice machine,” says Lexie Sachs, a product analyst in the Good Housekeeping Research Institute.


7. Make salad party-pretty.

Tori Tait at Thoughtfully Simple loves to present single-serve salads in berry baskets that she preps ahead of time. “It’s a quick way to upgrade salad to appetizer status, instead of having everyone pile up on leafy greens from one big bowl,” she says.


8. Serve frozen desserts with speed.

Like ending your bash with a cold treat, but don’t want it to melt while you’re doling out scoop after scoop? Try this trick. “Pre-scoop ice cream into small bowls, place them on a cookie sheet, and stow them in the freezer until you’re ready to serve,” says Tait. This is especially helpful when you have a bunch of kids clamoring for dessert all at once.


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